What's on the inside is what's on the outside: The family atmosphere so appreciated by our guests is only possible because our team also meshes like cogs behind the scenes. For years, we have all been pulling together in good humour - from the kitchen maid to the housekeepers and receptionists to the caretaker, gardener and painter. Everyone is passionate about what they do, making their unique contribution to a hotel that is just that: more than a hotel.


How history has run its course...

Once upon a time in 1994, there was a disused FDGB barrack on an overgrown plot of land...

Location & Region

Recreation and experience - 2 flies with one stone.
The fine sandy Baltic Sea beach is only a short walk away from our hotel.

We help

We are convinced that everyone has an issue that moves them - and this passion is the best driver for positive change.
We have personal contact with the associations listed and know the initiators. As different as the areas of interest are, the challenges are similar: too little time and too little money, but a huge heart and self-sacrificing dedication beyond one's own limits to help others in need.

You are welcome to do the same and support the projects: whether with financial donations or as a volunteer. You will find detailed information on how you can support us on the respective websites.

Let's do it together - true to the motto: Giving makes you happy.

Mein himmlisches Hotel

Heaven on Rügen.

In October 2014 we shot in our Hotel Villa Granitz in Baabe on the island of Rügen for the successful series "Mein himmlisches Hotel".
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