• Where we help

    We are convinced that everyone has an issue that moves them - and this passion is the best driver for positive change.

    We have personal contact with the associations listed and know the initiators. As different as the areas of interest are, the challenges are similar: too little time and too little money, but a huge heart and self-sacrificing dedication beyond one's own limits to help others in need.

    You are welcome to do the same and support the projects: whether with financial donations or as a volunteer. You will find detailed information on how you can support us on the respective websites.

    Let's do it together - true to the motto: Giving makes you happy.
  • Outpatient Children's &
    Youth Hospice Service Leuchtturm

    The children's and youth hospice service Leuchtturm supports families in which a child/adolescent or one of the parents is terminally ill.

    In addition to providing palliative care to affected families, the service is currently actively working on the establishment of the first inpatient children's and young people's hospice in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

  • Kinderlachen 009 Rügen e.V.

    The association Kinderlachen 009 Rügen supports children with cancer and their families by collecting and distributing donations in kind and money.

    In addition, the association continuously helps the children's orphanage "Sanct Benedict's" in Bangladesh.

  • Berliner Tiertafel e.V.

    The Tiertafel supports socially disadvantaged and low-income pet owners by regularly distributing food and donations in kind.

  • Animals care Berlin e.V.

    The animal welfare association Animals Care is active in the protection of animals abroad and is rescuing dogs and cats from a partner animal shelter in Hungary. The association works exclusively with local private foster homes, which prepare the fosterlings for their new life with great families.

  • Tieroase am Regenbogen e.V.

    Tieroase am Regenbogen offers a 15-hectare sanctuary for a large number of old, sick and unwanted pets and farm animals.

    Furthermore, the association helps to find homes for animals who are likely to lose their homes, in order to save them from having to go to an animal shelter.