How history has run its course...

Once upon a time in 1994, there was a disused FDGB barrack on an overgrown plot of land...

Thus begins the history of our Villa Granitz, which inherited its floor plan from the foundations of the aforementioned GDR barrack.
Only by using the old layout it was possible to preserve the old stock of trees, allowing a part of the past to live on. Our guests as well as the little blackbird family, which keeps coming back to us every spring, are delighted!

Every year we have to keep moving, recognize trends and create a balance between change and permanence. We renovate the rooms and maintain the cosiness. 

We add balconies and keep the architectural charm. We are open for new things and maintain the family atmosphere..
In 2017 the third generation saw the light of day and it was quite obvious that support would definitely not be the worst idea.

So Katy asked her two close friends - Alexandra and Sina - to join the team. They gladly did and have since moved to the island.

Together, ideas are developed and plans are forged as Katy's daughter grows up between nature and our guests.

Hotel dog Bacchus is sleeping and snoring in front of the entrance and in the meantime we are preparing the rooms for the new season.