• Villa Granitz Team

Every company is only as good as its employees

We are grateful to feel that hotel life is lived by every employee - authentically, with warmth and full of enthusiasm. Without the role of each individual, Villa Granitz could not be what it is - more than a hotel.

Our heroes at the reception desk

We warmly welcome our two new cheerful faces at reception: Kerstin and Jana! Kerstin packed her suitcase in the Rhineland and landed directly on our beautiful island with her husband and dog. Together with Jana, our new employee from the capital, the two of them give their all for our guests: whether it's a room reservation, a short tour of the hotel for new guests or a café au lait with cake in the garden while the birds twitter, the two of them always have an open ear for your wishes. An Aperol and a large beer from our house bar? Nothing could be easier...! 😊
  • Kueche
  • Kueche

The early bird...
bakes the freshest rolls!

While our guests are still slumbering peacefully, our kitchen team is already whirling back and forth between the scrambled egg pan, cheese platters and buffet with a cheerful song on their lips. The smell of coffee and freshly baked rolls fills the breakfast room, plates and bowls find their way to the buffet - just like the first hungry guests. Heike and Jana send our guests off into the day well fortified and always have an eye on making sure that nothing is lacking: Neither of cheese and sausage platters, nor of good humour, while skilfully playing the word joke balls to each other. Because we not only have our morning coffee, but also a good portion of fun at work!

At the feather dusters for you:

Our fantastic housekeepers! Applause, applause! Like Charlie's Angels + 1 or even the Fantastic Four, Conni, Moni, Anita and Julia sweep through the corridors and rooms of our hotel and transform murky windows, used showers and walked-on floors into sparkling clean bed paradises ready for occupancy. While Moni sings "Atemlos" at the top of her voice in charming madness and Conni questions her resemblance to Helene Fischer with her usual dry humour, Anita and Julia are deliciously amused by our pitiful attempts to learn Polish vocabulary that is unpronounceable for us. Jesteście wspaniali - You are great!
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  • Reinigung
  • Reinigung
  • Reinigung
  • Gaertner
  • Maler
  • Spueler

Blue blossoms the gentian!

White shines the wood - Eddie has been taking care of everything green and flowering with dedication for 20 years. He is largely responsible for keeping the lawn in good condition, trimming hedges, making potted plants blossom and all the other small and large things that make our hotel garden such a magical oasis. In between a little chat with the guests and off he whizzes again - hedge trimmer in one hand, rake in the other. With boundless good humour and always up for a joke, our painter Frank has been wielding his brush with us since 2001, our Picasso of the white walls. No one paints as beautifully as he does. And because he is a superhero, he supports our kitchen team at the sink: clean plates, varnished wood, the main thing is that everything shines like new!