Every company is only as good as its employees.

Besides us - the Lohse family - Katy Lohse's close friends Alexandra and Sina have also been part of the team since 2017. Both of them actually only wanted to support us on a transitional basis for a year...

Both are still there and have since moved their centre of life to the island. Together we make plans, develop new ideas and do what is necessary and more to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.
Anyone who has already stayed with us will know them - the good souls of our house. Our housekeepers, together with the helpers who work more in the background, such as the kitchen maid, gardener, painter, dishwasher and caretaker, keep the hotel running. We are incredibly proud that such a strong "we" feeling has developed over the years.

Trust, fun at work, being able to rely on each other and supporting each other have become the core of our togetherness. Together we are there for our guests and we are sure that the family atmosphere will spill over to you! :)