• Corona - Update 2022

    There are currently no Corona restraints. We only ask you to wear a mask at our breakfast buffet. We look forward to welcoming you and wish you a restful and relaxing holiday.
  • Arrival

    We look forward to welcoming you to Villa Granitz. Your room will be available from 15:00 and we will keep the hotel entrance free for your car to unload your luggage. Afterwards, you are welcome to use the free car park right next to the hotel.

    If you are travelling by train: Here you can find the right bus to us www.vvr-bus.de. Or would you prefer a taxi? You can call Mönchgut Taxi on 038303/85045 or Taxi Jordan on 0171/7263709.

    If you are arriving later, please inform us in good time, as the reception is staffed until 10 p.m. and thus we appreciate an arrival before 9 p.m.
  • Beach chair

    You can already book your beach chair online. Simply choose and reserve your beach chair at www.strandkorbvermietung-baabe.de
  • Bicycle rental

    A bicycle shed and bicycle rack sit upon your own bicycles.

    If you would like to rent bikes, we will gladly make the reservation for you at "Bicycle Mix" in the strand road in Baabe. We kindly ask you to inform us one day in advance. The bikes are delivered to the hotel in the morning between 9:30 and 10:00 and picked up again on request.

    Cycling and hiking maps are available at the reception as well as in the info pavilion on strandstraße in Baabe.
  • Breakfast

    We offer you our varied and loving breakfast buffet every day from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

    You can choose from: fresh rolls, croissants, baguettes, toast, various types of bread, cheese, sausage, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon / sausages, various jams, honey, Nutella, various juices, a diverse selection of fruit, various types of muesli, cornflakes, Yoghurt and various quark preparations.

    You are also welcome to have breakfast in our garden. We will bring you tea or coffee directly to our garden pavilion.

  • Departure

    We kindly ask you to vacate your room by 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure. You can pay your hotel bill the evening before until 18:00 or on the day of departure from 7:30. Please note that we do not accept credit cards but EC cards.
  • Dogs

    Four-legged friends are very welcome in our house. We only ask you to register your dog in time, because we can only accept a limited number of dogs.

    Please understand that for hygienic reasons dogs are not allowed in the breakfast room during breakfast hours and that your dog will be kept on a leash in the garden. For one dog we charge 10,00 Euro per day. Only one dog is allowed per room.
  • House bar

    An original fishing boat called "Sturmvogel" - invites you to stay daily from 17:00 to 22:00. Please only note that the seats are limited due to the distance. As we have extended our outdoor terrace, you can also enjoy your drink here in the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Draft beer is available from 2.00 EUR or a glass of wine from 3.90 EUR. Of course, you can also enjoy your drinks in your room or in the garden.

  • Parking

    You can park your car on the parking lot next to the Villa Granitz and in the woods opposite. We also have two handicapped accessible parking spaces.
  • Restaurants

    Our restaurant recommendations are as varied as our tastes. Below you will find a selection, reservations are recommended:

    Am Aalkaten 14
    18586 Baabe
    Fon: 038303 / 87540

    Hotel Birkenhof
    Birkenallee 7
    18586 Baabe
    Fon: 038303 / 86431

    Ristorante „Del Mare“
    Strandstraße 11
    18586 Baabe
    Fon: 08303 / 127277

    Restaurant Olympos Die 12 Götter
    Strandstraße 16
    18586 Baabe
    Fon: 038303 / 493555

    Hotel & Gasthof Zur Linde
    Dorfstraße 20
    18586 Middelhagen
    Fon: 038308 / 5540

    Restaurant Kleinbahnhof Sellin
    An der B 196 Nr. 3
    18586 Sellin
    Fon: 038303 / 87971

    Kleine Melodie
    Südstrandpromenade 3
    18586 Sellin
    Fon: 038303 / 85616

    Weinwirtschaft Sellin
    Wilhelmstraße 24
    18586 Sellin
    Fon: 038303 / 493190

    Seebrücke Sellin
    Seebrücke 1
    18586 Sellin
    Fon: 038303 / 929600

    Hotel Bernstein
    Hochuferpromenade 8
    18586 Sellin
    Fon: 038303 / 1717

    Ferienpension und Gaststätte Seeblick
    Neuensien 9a
    18586 Sellin
    Fon: 038303 / 86597

    Gasthof Drei Linden
    Seedorf 7
    18586 Sellin (Seedorf)
    Fon: 038303 / 87241

    Restaurant Strandhalle
    Strandpromenade 5
    18609 Binz
    Fon: 038393 / 31564

    Fischmarkt Binz
    Strandpromenade 33
    80609 Binz
    Fon: 038393 / 381443

    Im Jaich Restaurant Kormoran
    Am Yachthafen 1
    18581 Putbus (Lauterbach)
    Fon: 038301 / 80920
  • Room features

    All our rooms are equipped with a spacious balcony, a free safe, flat-screen cable TV, telephone and refrigerator and have a separate bathroom with shower/WC, hairdryer, make-up mirror.

    Our suites have a bathtub and shower. All our rooms are non-smoking rooms.
  • Shopping

    While exploring the island of Rügen, you can also discover some treasures in small but fine shops.

    (Fashion, Accessories)

    Wilhelmstraße 6
    18586 Sellin
    Fon: 038303 / 86028

    Beiboot – Schöne Dinge

    Strandstraße 36
    18586 Baabe
    Fon: 038303 / 371740

    Mönchguter Hofbrennerei
    Zur Strandburg

    Alt Reddevitz 36
    18586 Middelhagen
    Fon: 038303 / 34105

    Erste Edeldestillerie

    Lieschow 18
    18569 Ummanz
    Fon: 038305 / 55300

    Bio-Laden „naturInsel“
    (Groceries, Bakery, Ceramics)

    Am Mühlenberg 3
    18574 Gustow
    Fon: 038307/419807

    Hof Baldereck
    Rügener Spezialitätenmanufaktur
    (Farmers groceries)

    Baldereck 9
    18551 Glowe
    Fon: 038302 / 53448

    (Jewelry und Decoration)

    18556 Putgarten
    (Fashion and Decoration)

    Nordstrand 2a
    18586 Göhren
    Fon: 038308 / 669465

    Beiboot – Der Buchladen

    Am Inselparadies
    18586 Baabe
    Fon: 038303 / 371195

    Inselfrische Hofladen & Café
    (Dairy Farm)

    Poseritz Hof 15
    18574 Poseritz
    Fon: 038307 / 40429

    Der Buchladen

    Markt 6
    18569 Gingst
    Fon: 038305 / 535916

    cozy island
    (Living, bedding and more)

    Strandpromenade 39
    18609 Binz
    Fon: 038393 / 173947

    Hofladen Bobbin
    (Farmers groceries with a little cafe)

    Oberdorf 5a
    18551 Glowe
    Fon: 038302 / 887757

  • Voucher

    How about a Villa Granitz voucher for a loved one? The reception team will be happy to advise you about the possibilities and will issue your voucher individually.
  • Visitor's tax

    On your arrival you will receive your visitor’s tax ticket from us. On this ticket you will find a short description of which services you can take advantage of at a reduced price / free of charge. We will book the amount on your room bill.