Happiness workshop

Holidays, happiness and well-being.

A fitting combination, isn't it? In our 2-day happiness workshop, you will learn and experience the latest knowledge from positive psychology in an interactive way that is relevant to everyday life.  

But why a happiness workshop? We want to support you in rediscovering your values and strengths. You will gain insight into the secrets of happy relationships and how mindfulness can become a part of your everyday life.

Our dates:
1. 22.06. and 23.06. 2021 à 4 hours or 
2. 28.06. and 29.06.2021 à 4 hours
Further dates will follow.

Do you want to change your life for the better? If you want to do something sustainable for your happiness, discover and realise your potential, then this workshop is just right for you.

Here at the Hotel Villa Granitz in Baabe. You can also take part in the workshop without booking a hotel.

119,- EURO incl. working on the topics of values and strengths as well as mindfulness and partnership, two coaches who will support you in word and deed and documents to take home. Drinks and snacks are provided.

No, but motivation and the joy of discovering yourself.


We give you exercises and simple tools that you can use in your everyday life. And if you get stuck, Vera and Katy will be happy to help you with individual coaching.

You don't live on Rügen? No problem, they are also happy to give online coaching via Zoom - it's all a question of willingness ;-)

So... if you find yourself in these points, and your innermost being tells you: Come on, let's give it a try! We are looking forward to meeting you. Vera and Katy

Katy Lohse

I love to change the world for the better. My love for people and animals motivated me to complete a MINDMIRROR coaching training. This gave me the opportunity to coach people with the help of animals such as horses. Because animals see and feel more than we suspect ;-). Various coaching workshops brought an incredible amount of lightness into my life and the courage to tackle my dreams. I want to motivate and inspire people to give their lives more ease and to realise their goals and dreams. It can be so easy to follow your inner voice.

Certificates: NLP Practitioner (DVNLP), MINDMIRROW Coach, Positive Psychology as well as The Work of Byron Katie.

Coaching focus: Positive psychology, happiness training and individual coaching in the area of self-actualisation and self-confidence.

Vera Fink

I came to positive psychology out of my profession. I have always been interested in the thought processes of the other person in order to understand what lies behind them. I have gained experience as a coachee as well as a coach and was able to take away many revelations about myself and in the interaction with others. I am getting to know myself better and better, and so can you. I accompany you in this process. I would like to share my knowledge, tools and experiences with you in this workshop. I strongly believe that we already have all the resources we need for change.

Certificates: NLP Basic (DVNLP), NLP Practitioner (DVNLP), NLP Coach (DVNLP), Positive Psychology = all together happiness coach (DVNLP).

Coaching focus: Positive psychology, happiness training and individual coaching in the area of mindfulness, self-worth and principles/values.